Half & Half

by Brandon Moore

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Brandon Moore's debut album that brings out what he is about. From tracks as soft as "If You Want To' to hard hitting songs such as "Just Fine." This will set his career off into a good path, and bring him many opportunities. The track from which the album was named after, Half & Half, has a heartfelt vibe with a relative story for everybody behind it. With Haleigh Lanham featuring on it, makes the song a highlight from the others. Track two from the album, "The Best Feeling" was a hit from the first demo Moore had recorded of it. And several seem to love how this version turned out too. It's a sweet ballad of a young couple finding young love with a catchy hook and great instrumental work. For such a young artist at 15, many are excited what will come next from Brandon Moore. This album is a good buy, for sure.


released June 9, 2011

Recorded at Oakwood Sound Design in Lexington, KY. Music written, composed and recorded by Brandon Moore.



all rights reserved


Brandon Moore Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Cross Another Line
Wondering if I'll ever get my way,
I'm starting to think you may be insane.
What am I doing that makes these things to seem,
As if it's more a nightmare than a dream?

So tell me,
Why you're sad all the time,
Tell me it's my fault,
Then cross another line,
Criticize me and point out all my flaws,
I'll hold all mine in thought,
Then write them out in this song.

I hate you, whether you know it or not,
One word describes you, right on the dot,
Stupid, stupid, stupid, you're stupid,
All it ever seems as if I'm tied in a knot.

So tell me,
Why you're sad all the time,
Tell me it's my fault,
Then cross another line,
Criticize me and point out all my flaws,
I'll hold all mine in thought,
Then write them out in this song.

And you always said that I would have your heart,
But I kinda don't want it anymore.
Track Name: The Best Feeling
He stood there waiting,
For her beautiful face to walk by,
She don't know if he likes her,
He wants to talk,
But she's to shy.

He looks at her and stares her down,
She knows that he's looking so she stares at the ground,
He takes two steps forward and he stops in his place,
She looks up at him and sees his face,

And he asks her to dance and he takes her hand,
With the music playing from the band,
They twist and turn and laugh and love,
Fall for each other then kiss then hug.
Love at first sight's an uncommon thing,
But it just sort of happened in only one blink,
He looks at her and don't know what to think,
Now he knows love,
The best feeling.

He called her later on that night,
They talked for hours,
Everything was just right.
She fell asleep on the other line,
He whispered i love you and told her goodnight.

He lays there and thinks of that special girl,
And knows he won't trade her for nothing in this world,
He keeps repeating the night in his head,
Without her now he would be dead.

And I won't let you down,
And I'll prove,
We were meant to be.

It's so easy,
Just come with me,
We'll just wait and see.
Track Name: If You Want To
I know that I
Can be obscene,
But just know that i
Love you and me
if roses could speak
They'd call your name,
When my heart has you
It's whole again.

And if you want to,
And if you believe,
We can dance all night,
Just you and me.

I don't know for sure,
That we'll last forever,
But from what I see,
I'll never say never.
How'd I end up,
With someone like you,
That I don't deserve,
What did I do?

But if you want
And you believe,
We can plan our lives,
For eternity

I know you see,
Our destiny,
Although nothings perfect,
But hell that's close enough for me,
If something should,
Happen to me,
Just keep in your heart,
You were my everything.

But if you want to,
And you believe,
We can fall more in love,
Girl thats fine with me.
Track Name: Half & Half (feat. Haleigh Lanham)
Half of my mind,
Tells half of my heart to take off,
And run away from here,

But half of my heart,
Tells half of my mind to shake off,
The pain and face my fears.

So take your time,
Don't worry 'bout mine,
Just know I'm always here.

Let's take a risk,
Push to the limits,
Close to the edge,
But what if this,
Isnt quite the bliss,
We've forced in our heads,
So is it worth a try,
Or just a waste of time?
Only time will tell,
But in the back of my mind,
And undefined,
Thought that we won't fail.

Half of my mind,
tells half of my heart,
I should be scared to love again,

But half of my heart,
Tells half of my mind,
You're better off my friend,

Should I take the time,
Or just leave it all behind,
Where should I begin?

And I know,
Things could be so much better.
And we'd know we'd always be together.

And they say that love lasts forever,
But maybe that's not for everyone.
Track Name: Coincidence
Hello how ya been,
It's been a while since we've spent,
All of those times together,
Back when those times were so much better.

And there ain't a lot to say,
Or do much of anything,
In this situation,
Standing right here face to face.

So just take my hand,
And sit down and talk to me,
About who you've been,
And all of the things you've seen.

Tell me what I've missed,
And what I never would have guessed,
Girl you've caught my attention,
No this was not my intention to,

See you here,
But hell now I'm glad I did,
How come we lost all connection,
Hey girl lets regain our affection.

So just take my hand,
And lets show the world that we,
Could show them,
That we could surely be,
And yet after all of what we said and done,
Let me tell you girl,
You'll always be the one.
Track Name: Just Fine
Oh no, I can't seem to find a change,
But hold on, you say I'm all to blame,
For all the hell that I've been through.

Woah oh, you set me up first class,
I should've known that it couldn't ever last,
No matter how great i treated you.

But we fell apart and now look where we are.

Woah, I don't know why i even tried,
And i think back on it and now i start,
To question myself why.
Woah, now i say it,
I'm through with all your lies,
Wishing that I could turn back time,
And just stop everything so I'd be just fine.

You've shown the real and true side of you,
And you know that i never had a clue,
You were faking it all along.

Woah oh, i fell so hard for you,
So close, but now i am glad it's through,
You were never worth it,
And just thought that you should know.

That i'm so much happier without you now.

I never had the thought to cross my mind,
(we wouldnt be together)
But now that i have you off my back,
Oh god it's so much better.

Your stupid lies and made up cries had me wrapped around your finger,
But now.
Track Name: I'm Done
I don't want anything to do with your name,
I'm done with you.

And you seem to fall apart when you hear me say,
I'm done with you.

But don't expect me to please you with every move i make,
'Cuz I'm not going to,

And dont ask me to come back to you,
Or i'm making a mistake.

'Cuz I'm not going to.